Scrunchies are a perfect beginner sewing project, a great way to use scraps, and a delightful DIY gift for friends. Learn to make your own scrunchies in five super simple steps.

It takes about 5 minutes to make a scrunchie, from start to finish, and the result is adorable.

I can tell you, there’s something very satisfying about this quick sew!

Scrunchies so comfortable, versatile, and pretty, and you can have them at a tiny fraction of the cost of store-bought ones.

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They are very gentle to your hair – scrunchies are less likely to cause breakage and give headaches than other hair ties, and they can take a bad hair day and turn it right away into a cute hair day.

Let me show you how easy it is to make your own adorable hair scrunchies.

DIY scrunchies – sewing supplies:

  • fabric
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • pins
  • 1/4″ elastic
  • safety pin
  • matching thread

DIY scrunchiesFabrics to use

  • cotton, crushed velvet, jersey knit, linen, muslin, batiste, satin, silk

Yup, you can also use fabrics like satin or silk – these scrunchies are very smooth and stylish, have a rich feel, and make you look fabulous!

That’s not all – satin scrunchies cause zero static and minimize dents in the hair compared to cotton scrunchies and other hair ties.

I too thought at first the slippery fabric makes it slide out of hair more easily, but I was pleasantly surprised to find the satin scrunchie stays in all day long!

Fabric dimensions

This is just a matter of taste!
Length – anything from 15 to 25 inches
Width – anything from 3 to 6 inches

You can customize everything to suit your wardrobe and style – make your scrunchie longer or chubbier.

DIY scrunchies tutorial – 5 easy steps

Step 1

Cut a long strip of fabric, fold it lenghtwise, right sides together, and pin.

Step 2

Sew the long edge so that you create a tube, and leave a 1-inch gap near both ends. Backstitch at the beginning and end.

Step 3

Turn the tube right side out using a safety pin. Match the short raw edges, right sides together, pin and sew them.

Step 4

Use a safety pin to feed the elastic through the tube, then sew together the ends of the elastic. You could use a zig-zag stitch, but I warn you this is quite tricky, given the elastic is so narrow – you could easily release it and have to do it again. Or, you can sew the elastic ends by hand – nice and easy!

Step 5

Fold the unfinished edges under and stitch the opening to close up your tube.

Puff and fluff your cute scrunchie – and you’re done!

That’s all!
So easy and fun! Enjoy your scrunchie!

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