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How to make a lined drawstring bag in any size

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Lined drawstring bag tutorial. This fully lined drawstring bag is adorable and can be used in any size, for a wide variety of purposes. It’s beautiful inside and out and it’s great for long term use.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your own. If you need a quick, simple gift bag, this is just perfect!

With this easy tutorial, making a lined drawstring bag on your sewing machine should take about 10 minutes.

how to make lined drawstring bags

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Creative uses of drawstring bags

These lined drawstring bags are perfect for containing jewelry, candies, make-up, small toys, diaper bag essentials, art supplies, or accessories like socks, scarves, and gloves.

The possibilities are endless!

For instance, you could make a lined drawstring bag in organza, satin or chiffon, and there you have an awesome gift bag you can use to store fine jewelry or as a wedding bag for bride/bridesmaids.

Moreover, you could even make a big one as a Christmas present bag, a laundry bag, or a travel bag.

I made these cute drawstring bags for my daughter; this is where she now keeps her scrunchies.

lined drawstring bags

Sewing supplies

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Lined drawstring bag tutorial – easy sewing project

Sewing Level: Beginner
Finished bag size: 6” wide x 8” tall

Use this formula to make a lined drawstring bag in ANY size:

Desired width for the finished bag = W
Desired height for the finished bag = H
Cut 2 pieces of fabric (W*2)+1 wide and H+1 tall.


Finished bag size 7” wide x 9” tall – cut 2 pieces of fabric, each 15” wide x 10” tall
Finished bag size 10” wide x 12” tall – cut 2 pieces of fabric, each 21” wide x 13” tall

How to make a lined drawstring bag tutorial in 10 simple steps

Step 1

Cut two pieces of fabric, one for the outer layer, one for the lining – each 14″ wide and 9″ tall. Finished dimensions of my drawstring bag: 6” wide x 8” tall.

lined drawstring bag - cut the fabric pieces

Step 2

With right sides together, sew the two rectangles together along the 14” edge. Use a 3/8” seam allowance. Press the seam open with an iron.

lined drawstring bag - sewing
lined drawstring bag - press the seams

Step 3

Place the sewn fabric piece with the right side up on the table. Fold it in half from left to right, right sides together, and make sure the seams are aligned.

lined drawstring bag tutorial

Pin along the long side and the bottom of the main fabric piece.

Now measure 1 ½ inch from the seam and mark a 1/2” opening with two pins, as shown in the next photo.

We need that small opening to feed the cord into the drawstring casing.

small opening - lined drawstring bag

Step 4

With right sides together, sew from the top edge of the lining piece to the first mark. Backstitch to secure, then stop. Backstitch as you start again and sew from the second mark to the bottom.

lined drawstring bag - small opening

Step 5

Press the seams of the main fabric piece open. This will help feed the safety pin through the casing.

lined drawstring bag - ironing seams

Step 6

Flip the bag right side out and poke your corners square with a pencil or a chopstick.

flip the drawstring bag right side out

Step 7

Turn under the raw edges of the lining piece about 1/2″ and pin to hold in place. Sew the bottom of the lining closed.

sew the bottom of the lining - drawstring bag tutorial

Step 8

Push the lining to the inside of the bag and stabilize the top of the bag by pinning around the edge.

make the casing for the lined drawstring bag

Step 9

Now let’s make the channel for the drawstring! Using the free arm on your sewing machine, sew a row of stitches about 1 1/2 inch from the top of the bag, just above the drawstring opening. Sew a second row of stitches, just above the side opening.

The spacing will depend on how wide your cord is. For a thin cord, a 1/4 inch gap will do just fine, but for wider cords, you might want to go up to 1/2 inch.

sewing machine, lined drawstring bag

Step 10

Attach a safety pin to one end of your drawstring cord, and feed it through the casing. Tie the ends of the cord with a simple bow.

lined drawstring bag, drawstring cord

The DIY drawstring bag is a great alternative to wrapping paper, as it will get used over and over for many years before it finally comes apart.

lined drawstring bag tied with a simple bow

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  1. I wanted to be able to cinch mine with a bow, so cut the fabric in half width-wise and make openings on BOTH sides of the bag. Instead of ribbon or fabric, I chain-stitched (crochet) my drawstrings. They turned out really cute! I keep an assortment of ribbons (for sewing or crafts) in one bag, another has an assortment of embroidery floss, etc. So easy to make, and so useful!

  2. I made two of these to use instead of Christmas wrap. The hardest part was remembering how to lay out my directional fabric so it went the way I wanted it to when finished. I really love the way they turned out. Thanks so much for sharing this easy tutorial.


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