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How to make DIY ruffled scrunchies

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Learn how to make beautiful ruffled scrunchies with this free sewing tutorial. These cute scrunchies are the perfect accessory to go around your bun or ponytail.

Hair scrunchies are a huge trend right now, after decades of being ignored. What is a scrunchie? To cite the Wikipedia page, a scrunchie is a fabric-covered elastic hair tie used to fasten long or medium hair.

how to make ruffled scrunchies

We have a lot of scrunchies around the house, but never enough. So today I decided to make a fresh batch.

DIY ruffled scrunchies tutorial

This time I came up with a different pattern, inspired by some amazing scrunchies I’ve seen on Etsy. Basically, what you see here is a double layered scrunchie with circular ruffles.

I have tested this pattern on my 3 and 10-year-olds and both girls adore their scrunchies.

You can make these scrunchies as a thoughtful and useful gift for your friends and colleagues.

Best fabric to make ruffled scrunchies

To make these scrunchies it’s best to use lightweight fabrics, such as cotton voile, batiste, chiffon, organza, silk, or satin.

How much fabric is needed for a ruffled scrunchie?

Making ruffled scrunchies requires more yardage than simple scrunchies. For each of these ruffled scrunchies, I used a piece of fabric measuring approximately 12 inches long by 23 inches wide, to fit two circles with a 12” diameter.

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DIY ruffled scrunchies tutorial

Ruffled scrunchies – sewing supplies

Ready to make your own ruffled scrunchie? Let’s begin!

Step 1

You begin with a fabric rectangle that measures 23” by 12”. Fold your fabric piece in half, then in half again, then in half again. You’ll get a 5.5″ fabric square – in the picture below there are 8 fabric layers.

Measure a 3” radius, and 2” for the length of the scrunchie.

folded fabric

Cut along both the dotted circular lines, as shown in the picture below.

pink fabric

You should end up with two such circles, in one move.

pink fabric circles

This pattern is for a small kids-sized scrunchie that you can wrap twice around the ponytail.

If you want a bigger scrunchie for yourself, cut a larger fabric piece – approximately 30″ by 14″. Measure a 4” radius, and 2.5” for the length of the scrunchie. Once you fold it in half three times, you’ll get a 7″ fabric square (8 layers). The rest of the instructions stay the same.

Reminder: If you make a larger ruffled scrunchie, it’s important to use lightweight fabrics (chiffon, batiste, voile etc.).

Step 2

User a serger to make a narow hem on the outer edge of both circles.

serge outer edge of the circles

Step 3

Run a basting stitch on the inner edge of the circles.

ruffled scrunchies - work in progress

Step 4

Pull the bobbin thread to gather the fabric pieces, until both inner circles reach 8” in diameter.

ruffled scrunchies tutorial

Step 5

Place the two circles on top of the other, the right side of the former to the wrong side of the latter. Stitch with a 1/4” seam allowance, close to the basting stitch.

ruffled scrunchies tutorial

Trim the seam allowance.

ruffled scrunchies, scissors

Step 6

Press the seam, then fold the circles with the seam on the edge, so the right sides of the fabric are now together. 

ruffled scrunchies, sewing pins

Pin the circles together to enclose the first seam, and stitch with a ½” seam allowance.

For the best results, make sure the seam is on the very edge – and don’t worry about occasionally sewing over the gathers, that’s fine. Leave a small 1/2” opening for the elastic.

ruffled scrunchies, sewing machine

Step 7

Cut a piece of 1/4” wide elastic – I used 4 1/2” for a kid-sized scrunchie. Attach safety pins to both ends of the elastic, to make sure you don’t lose it in the casing.

DIY ruffled scrunchies, safety pins, elastic

Then just insert the elastic, overlap its ends, and stitch them together. Sew the opening shut.

Your scrunchie is now finished!

DIY ruffled scrunchies tutorial

I couldn’t resist the temptation and I made a satin scrunchie for me, too. So cute, right?

satin hair scrunchie DIY

That’s all! I hope you enjoy making these ruffled scrunchies as much as I do!

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