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How to make doll pants (+free PDF pattern)

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Learn how to make simple cotton pants for your pretty Paola Reina doll with this step-by-step sewing tutorial and free printable PDF pattern. This pair of relaxed fitting woven pants will fit any 12 to 13-inch doll.

This doll pants pattern is one of those easy sewing projects that will take 10 minutes or less, and it’s perfect for beginner sewers.

How to make doll pants (+free PDF pattern)

And please notice the clean, finished seams – see the pictures below. I always try to have beautifully finished seams on anything I make, otherwise, I can’t get no satisfaction from that project. Is it just me, or does this annoy you too?

My daughters love to pretend play with their dolls, and I love to sew cute mini clothes to help them change their dolls’ looks.

Doll pants can be intimidating for some because of their smaller size, but here’s the truth. It’s actually super easy and quick to make doll pants from scratch.

Follow the directions in this sewing tutorial to make a comfortable pair of pants with an elastic waistband for your 12 to 13-inch doll in no time.

You can easily modify this simple pattern to make capri pants or shorts for your doll – just shorten the leg length before you cut the fabric.

Sewing supplies

How to make basic pants for a 12 to 13-inch doll

Step 1

Cut out two pattern pieces for the doll pants.

How to make doll pants (+free PDF pattern)

Step 2

Place the fabric pieces with right sides together and sew the crotch seam with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

After that, finish the leg seam allowance with pinking shears, and, while you’re at it, also trim the top and bottom edges of the pants.

How to make doll pants (+free PDF pattern)

Step 3

Turn the bottom edge up a 1/4″ and hem the doll pants.

Step 4

Now open the pants and place them with the right sides together. Line up the front and back crotch seam and sew the inner leg seam.

Step 5

Turn the pants right-side out. Fold the top edge over about 1/2 inch and stitch to make the waistband casing.

Leave a small opening to insert approximately 6 inches of ¼ inch-wide elastic. Overlap the elastic ends and stitch them together. Now sew the small opening shut and you’re done!

Making basic elastic-waist doll pants is such a quick and rewarding sew, isn’t it? I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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How to make doll pants (+free PDF pattern)

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  1. Thanks so much for this pattern! Your instructions were very clear and this pattern adapted well to a “Peter” doll from the book series, Snowy Day, Whistle for Willie…

  2. Do you have approximate measurements for the pants and tops? I’m making some for my niece and I don’t have her doll to go by. But it is an 18” doll.


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